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About Us

St Thomas was founded in 1897. Since its start St Thomas has had 2 Olympians and 1 Para Olympian. The club has also enjoyed success at a National level.

The club was established in Arbroath and is based at Arbroath Sports Centre. Although the club is a competitive club its membership is a mix of competitive, non competitive and learn to swim athletes, coaches, technical officials and non swimming adult members. It has 14 teachers and coaches qualified at UKCC level 1, 2, 3 and 4 - there are a further four club helpers.

To develop a strong community and competitive club, creating an enjoyable environment and allowing opportunities for people of all ages to fulfil their potential in swimming

A continually developing club
High standards of performance
Quality service to the club members

Club growth and development
Retention/growth of number of swimmers
Enhanced opportunity for competition
Success at individual level
Increased number of qualified teachers/coaches and officials
Effective admin
Links with external agencies

We are a continually developing club with the competitive swimmers offered differing, challenging comp opportunities to aid individual development:

Swimmers are encouraged to swim in a range of meets from intra-club competitions to league galas and non-league events. At all times the coaches will advise on the suitability of a meet to make sure that all competitions best meet the cyclical focus of each training plan.

Each squad has its own aims and objectives which are designed to ensure all individuals are able to achieve their full potential. These aims and objectives take into account the age and stage of development of each participant to guarantee that all swimmers receive the most effective and appropriate level of work for their ability.

Working in partnership with external agencies such as Scottish Swimming, Angus Council and Sport Tayside swimmers are also able to participate in educational and training camps such as The Academy, IMPACT Squad, District Squad and Angus Squad. In all cases swimmers are supported by coaches and parents.

At all times coaches and swimmers are driven to achieve high standards of performance.

  • This includes success in comps at individual, domestic, national and international level, improvements in technique and personal best times and encompasses a wide range of disciplines (Mainstream/masters/disability/triathletes/pentathletes etc).

  • Increasing the numbers of qualified teachers/coaches/technical officials and such like which are required to help support all participants.

  • To improve standards of teaching and coaching by encouraging volunteers to regularly attend cpd courses and through mentoring.

Quality Service to members is provided through effective and efficient admin which is the responsibility of office bearers and committees, by publishing transparent and audited accounts by the treasurer and external auditor and by maintaining links with external agencies such as Scottish Swimming, Sport Tayside, ANGUSalive and such like. St. Thomas is also a SWIMARK plus registered club which is Scottish Swimming quality assurance initiative. It has also achieved gold level in ANGUSalive ACE awards.

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