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Getting through COVID-19

As we finish this week of continued isolation I hope everyone is well and is beginning to get used to our new daily routines.

I know that having a swimmer in the household is also bringing extra challenges. I have one that is lost without his usual swimming routines, his social group of like minded friends in the environment they love. I, probably, like yourself are astonished at how many towels we now have to fit into our cupboards and I’ve lost count of the amount of water bottles that have resurfaced, who knew how much stuff can be hidden in the bottom of a kit bag!. So if you haven’t already I’d recommend diving to the bottom of the kit bag, take a torch, a lifeline and let someone know where you are in case you get lost. You may find some long lost equipment, or more likely a fossilised banana, an energy bar that was dated best before 2016 and many, many trolley tokens that have been given over the years for lockers.

On a more serious note it is difficult for anyone to adjust to the current situation, especially for our swimmers young and old who have had their sport abruptly taken away from them which now seems a long time ago.

We as a club have been working on ways to help keep our members engaged, fit and healthy whilst having interaction with their usual social groups within the club. Hopefully you will have seen the increase in posts on our Facebook page, along with twitter, including the Wellbeing Wednesday which I encourage you to post videos of your family attempting these challenges.

We have now created a private Facebook page which is only for parents, carers, swimmers and members of St Thomas. This Facebook will be a private safe site where we will

• post training videos for everyone to train at home (some of the videos will have a familiar face) • have fun items such as questionnaires with a twist, quizzes and other challenges • a proposed “ask the Head coach” event where questions can be submitted on specific swimming related topics (I’m still trying to persuade Lorna ) • video inputs from our team captains, ambassadors and young leaders

This Facebook page will work only with the support of our members and above all swimmers. Can I urge you all to join the page. and for parents with children under 13 who cannot have a Facebook account can you join so you can share the content with our younger swimmers, if you feel appropriate, in order they can be involved too.

There will be no harmful content on this private page and will only be for members Arbroath St Thomas, any external links to videos posted will be checked prior to posting. There’s no change to our usual Facebook page which will still be getting updated regularly and if you haven’t joined that page yet Please do!. For those who choose not to have social media if you would like to respond to me and I can work out an alternative way of keeping up to date with activities.

So click the link below (you will be asked for your SASA number, or your child’s SASA number, and to confirm that you have renewed your membership for the coming year) join in, get involved, and have fun.

Stay safe and look after each other

Jim Vice President

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